Prenatal Massage Tucson

Tucson Massage Company is proudly providing some of the highest rated prenatal massage Tucson has to offer.  It's no secret that prenatal massage is one of our favorite offerings. We've made sure that our prenatal massage therapists are highly qualified with special training and years of experience.  We are honored to be a part of your prenatal and postpartum self care and delighted to celebrate this miraculous time in your life with you!

As you know already, pregnancy is a time of dramatic physical and emotional changes. But did you know that massage therapy is wonderfully beneficial for both mom and baby and is considered an integral part of maternal well-being? By and large, prenatal massage shares many of the goals of regular massage: to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, relieve fatigue and just make you feel good.  Of course it is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.

It's worth noting that our Tucson prenatal massage treatments specifically target areas of discomfort. As you may know already, it is important to provide relief to the neck, low back, and hips, as well as alleviate swollen ankles and tired legs. To ensure your optimal comfort, we will use multiple pillows to support the expectant mother in a side-lying position.


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Prenatal Massage Demonstration by Lourie

Prenatal Massage Tucson

Our prenatal massage therapists know which areas are contraindicated during pregnancy and take care to avoid those points.  Alternately, we will safely apply therapeutic pressure where it is needed most.   We can help you resolve issues such as sciatic pain, swelling (edema) of the hands and feet, SI (sacroiliac) joint pain, insomnia, digestive trouble, restless leg syndrome, and relief of general muscle tension and pain.

After your baby is born, our postpartum massage treatments can help your body adjust to the demands of nurturing a newborn as it transforms back to a non-pregnant state. Postpartum massage promotes relaxation, provides emotional support, alleviates the muscle strain/fatigue of labor and birth, and helps open the shoulders and relieve back pain.

Our Prenatal Massage Therapists

massage Tucson - Lourie Grijalva, LMT

Lourie Grijalva - LMT #13061

As a mother and seasoned massage therapist with over 12 years of experience, Lourie is especially qualified to provide prenatal massage. She integrates Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy and reflexology into her prenatal massage treatments to create a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Charity Whiting - massage Tucson

Charity Whiting - LMT #18758

Charity is a mother of three beautiful children and she is currently pregnant with her fourth child, due in August. She has a great deal of experience with providing and receiving pregnancy massage, both prenatal and postpartum. Charity has 10 years of experience providing her unique style of intuitive healing massage. Allow her touch to transport you to a place of inner and outer healing when she returns from maternity leave in September.

massage Tucson - Don Lockwood

Don Lockwood - CPT, LMT #21971

Don has a magic touch and a great deal of experience with pregnancy massage. He has provided pregnancy massage for his partner through two pregnancies. His partner (Charity) is also a massage therapist and together they have become very proficient in providing pregnancy massage. If you are looking for a fantastic prenatal massage or postpartum massage, Don is a great choice.

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Mon-Sun: 7am - 9pm
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Pregnancy Massage
(Prenatal or Postnatal)
30 Minutes: $35
60 Minutes: $65

90 Minutes: $90

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(520) 333-0166 

Prenatal Massage is also available within a couples massage!  Click here to book a couples massage.

Need directions to our treatment space just west of Stone Ave on University Blvd?  Click here to go to our location page with directions and a map.

We highly recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine and accupuncture treatments as an adjunct to your prenatal self care and are pleased to recommend Jamie Syzbala at Tucson Chinese Medicine.